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Hot Couples

Two of the models for the upcoming charity fashion show and auction Manimals: Jocks Fur a Cause are one of the hottest couples in gay nightlife, Jared Bradford and Seth Fornea. 

Jared Bradford has been a nation-wide gay nightlife icon, actor, go-go dancer, singer, model, classically-trained pianist, yogi, and educator in physics and mathematics. He is originally from Louisiana where he earned two degrees in physics, but now lives very happily in New York City with his partner of three and half years, Seth Fornea, and adorable chihuahua, Miley. Jared is thankful to be able to live in such a wonderful city, which has afforded him many opportunities such as his recent national commercial spots (one of which was controversially rejected by Time Warner Cable) and photo spread for NYC-based clothing company Nasty Pig. As a debut narrator and producer, Jared Bradford, is proud to present his performance of “My Hero” as his first introduction to the audiobook world.

Jared has always had a strong interest in music and the theater and has starred in several productions of plays and musicals including Hay Fever, Old Wicked Songs, The Exonerated, Godspell, and A Grand Night for Singing. He also recently portrayed Chandler in the daytime web series La Fleur de Mai.

Once called a “Renaissance boy” by an esteemed professor of his, Jared has always valued being well-versed in many disciplines and, above all, valued the importance of a well-rounded education, which drives his own passion for learning and helping others to understand the world around them. He has been an avid student and teacher of physics, mathematics, yoga, French, philosophy, and world religions. He is a strong proponent of affordable, quality education for all, LGBT rights, scientific literacy, environmental preservation and sustainable economies, and the separation of church and state.

Like most, Jared loves to enjoy life, and always tries to find the FUN in every situation. If you have the chance to see him twerking it on a box somewhere around the world, don’t be shy and come say hi!

Follow him at:
Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat / Periscope: @jbradfordinc


Seth Fornea is dreamy eyed country boy from a farm in Louisiana that now lives, works, and socializes in his new home city of New York and basically all over the world.  Seth is a Gogo dancer on the gay circuit from huge parties to small bars, he is a model for editorials, clothing companies, sexual lubricants, and has appeared as an actor on several TV commercials for Nasty Pig a clothing brand.  Seth could be described as a little goofy, a little clumsy, a lot of handsome,  and a whole lot of fun...sometimes referred to as #HotMessSeth....he brings life and energy to a party wherever he goes and never leaves his smile at home.   Seth is also an activist and serves on the board of directors for Campus Pride a national non profit working in the USA to combat bullying of LGBT students at schools and create student leaders in communities lacking LGBT guidance.

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