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CLAW Recap

From April 29-May 1 The Crochet Empire attended CLAW 16 for the first time. At the CE booth were several jockstraps featuring major fetish designs like bear pride, leather pride, pup bones and various mesh jocks in flagging colors. There is also a chevron design made with the same yarn as the pup designs and they're all glow in the dark!

This was the most successful event for CE and the word is spreading quickly. I was able to meet Eli Lewis and Bryan Cole, two of the models in the Manimals event the following week. I also met guys from Leathr64Ten, a Chicago based leather shop that is now carrying CE jocks! 

It was a lot of fun and was great to get the word out about CE. I met a lot of nice people, saw some things I've never seen before, and felt an electric glove for the first time. 

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