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Black Friday

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The 2018 Black Friday Sale is here!

This year you can expect 5 days of sales, promotions, charitable donations and more on all of you favorite jockstraps, ties, harnesses, hats and, well, you get the idea. 

To kick things off get 20, yes, that's right, 20% off your favorite in stock jockstraps. Including the new winter collection featured below. Customers have raved over how comfortable these jockstraps are. "It's like a hug for your balls." Embrace your balls with the softest hypoallergenic yarn around. This isn't like wrapping an Irish wool sweater around your junk, it's like making a jockstrap out of your favorite sock. They're not scratchy, they're soft and supportive but move with you. 

Every guy who's bought one of these jockstraps has loved them. In fact, when the store started on Etsy I received 100% 5 star reviews. I promise this will be one of the most comfortable jockstraps you've ever owned. 

I know many of you are new to Crochet Empire, so if you're still hesitant you can order a set of fabric samples and I'll provide you the same 20% discount for 24 hours after receiving the samples. When you know what jockstraps you're interested in just go to the sample page and let me know what you'd like. 

Simply go to and use the code BF2018 to get 20% off.
Stay tuned for exciting other offers to come. (Don't worry. I won't inundate you with emails. Just a quick one each day.) Tomorrow will feature accessories!

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