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Custom Orders

The Crochet Empire specializes in custom made orders. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we get. If you'd like an order or have any additional questions please contact us at 

What can I custom order?    

Pretty much anything we make! Or even stuff we don't make. If you have an idea you want to see come to life let us know and we'll work together to make it happen. 

Can I get any image or design on a jockstrap?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the images end up being very 16-bit. Think Super Nintendo. It's actually a pretty small space that the images appear in, so they can't be overly detailed. If you have something you want on a jock send it to us at and we'll make up a pattern that can be achieved. 

Can I specify colors?

You can. However there are limitations. The thickness of the yarn has to match and exact colors can be hard to coordinate. We do our best to match everything as well as we can. Generally too many colors can warp the shape of the pouch just from too much yarn. Try to max at 4 colors. 

Is there a price increase for custom orders?

There is not. Price is always based on design and how much work goes into it. There is a small premium if you want it guaranteed that the owner Andy makes the jockstrap himself. 

What is the time frame for my order?

The guaranteed time is 6-8 weeks. They do often ship faster, but we jokingly say, "don't harass us until 6 weeks."

Is there a minimum order?

Just one! Every item made by The Crochet Empire is made one at a time, so there is no minimum order required. 

What are people saying about their custom orders?

"Cozy and soft! Not what you think of when you think of yarn! Straps are cute and really give me nice lift on my very flat ass. Just a sexy jock, honestly." 

"This is functional "art", although it will not be on permanent display! Super comfortable like my other Crotchet Empire jocks, this one in rainbow colors and possibly different yarn blends but all the same advantages of the others. Andy did a requested alteration on the legs straps which enhances the fit for me and that was greatly appreciated and something that would never happen elsewhere!"

"Beautifully crafted and constructed, it's hard to describe how extremely comfortable these jockstraps are to wear! The pouch has a softness and warmth that cradles your manliness in a natural cocoon. Once you've experience the feel of one of these hand crocheted jocks the old fashion cotton ones will never do again. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some affordable luxury and decide for yourself!"

Get creative and contact us for your custom made jockstraps, bow tie or whatever! 

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