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Harnesses, W's and More


The Crochet Empire now officially makes harnesses. Do you like the look but want something softer that moves with you more? Then this night be the harness for you. Made with soft, machine washable yarn, our harness will keep you sexy but comfortable. Enjoy an expanded color option too from your traditional leather harness 

Or, if you want a more durable leather harness but want something different than what all the other stores sell, we can make it our of crocheted leather, just like the jockstraps. 

All harnesses are made to order and price depends on shape and material. Check them out here.



The Cubs won the World Series! Chances are that you all know this already. Show with a Cubs W jockstrap. You have your celebratory shirt, hat, flag, now have your go to underwear for a Cub victory. 

Perfect Christmas present for the sports fan who might like something a little unconventional. Available at for a special off season price of $55. 


Don't forget you can subscribe to the Crochet Empire jockstrap or bow tie club at

You get monthly or quarterly deliveries, special discounts, unseen behind the scenes and first chance at new product. 


And some customer shots:

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