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Leather Harnesses

The Crochet Empire has made leather harnesses for various specific events. I'm interested in really developing these products. I made one for myself that I wear to events like CLAW and IML. Reactions from attendees have always been very enthusiastic and encouraged me to move forward with them. 

To help with the investment in leather, I'm considering a new Kickstarter campaign. I would love to find out from you if investing in a campaign in something you would be interested in. This will also include leather accessories like arm bands and cuffs. I'd love to hear from you if you like the idea of developing the harnesses but wouldn't be able to fund a campaign. 
Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming 2018 winter collection. The designs feature a pine tree, a mountain scene and a snowflake. You can preorder one already here. 
Here are some recent customer pictures.
The Pokeball jockstrap received an enthusiastic response and can be ordered here. 

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